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About Us

How we got started...

In 2002 we had our first real star-struck moment with David Prowse in Brisbane. Since that date we have avidly collected autographs from celebrities that attended the convention circuits around Australia. For the most part, we only collected autographs for our own collection.

But in 2009, we began a journey which has taken us to this point, a point where we now travel around the world, seeking celebrities and their 'pen-men-ship' and while still collecting for ourselves, we gather more autographs for others to enjoy also.

In 2012 we developed a concept for the Australian Pop Culture events, (Oz Comic Con, Armageddon and SupaNova)  - which would allow us to exhibit our unique autographs, and also framing onsite - for those collectors who wanted their piece of history framed immediately.

Since 2012 we attend San Diego Comic Con and with the combined help of friends and family, attain pieces that are so exclusive for our customers in Australia. Last year we obtained 36 limited signed editions from all ranges of TV and movie genres. Meeting wonderful actors along the way.

Now in 2015 we will attend over 15 conventions within Australia and more internationally as well, with our goal this year set on New York Comic Con.

2016 completed another 10 conventions throughout Australia